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about ME

I have always loved movies, photos and film!  I started making some photo slideshows and putting together a few old home movie montages for my family & friends, as a hobby. as I started working on these projects, I found that I could use my talents in writing, design, color, media, etc... to good use and fill a need. You could say "I found my Niche".


Then I purchased some equipment to convert VHS videotapes and 8mm & super8 film to DVD, after realizing the high price of doing this with the bigger companies, and the fact that you have to send off your precious memories, not sure if you'll ever get the tapes back again.


I decided to start a business that could provide very personalized digital media transfers. I meet with you to preview your videotapes, film, slides, or Photos, so you can give me information on People, Places, Dates, and How you want your project created, so that it reflects you & YOUr family. i take great pride in capturing your precious Memories and making them new again in a very innovative, customized way, that will last throughout the years...   You will have a Family Heirloom to Pass On to the Next Generation.  

Lori E. Taylor

Lori E. Taylor

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